Rivers is a game where you control a boat and have to take all fish you can while avoiding the obstacles that the river puts in your path.

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Updated 22 days ago
Published 25 days ago
Made withUnity
Tags2D, boats, Endless, Fishing, High Score, obstacles, rivers, Singleplayer, thund3r, Unity


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Congrats and well done ! The game is pretty fun to play. However it would be great if you could increase the pace of the game and add some more animations and effects to the game. Also the movement could be better and try to make it realistic, as of water. Adding some more content to the game could also make players to play again. You can always collect ideas from our games present over website and itch page. Also don't miss out to follow to stay in touch and keep updated on upcoming projects.


Hi! Thanks for your reply.

The idea was to make game in five days but I will probably countinue the project and maybe make it for mobile. Your comment really helps me to see it from another point, thanks!