A downloadable game for Windows

Pole Position Reborn is an university project where we had to make the game functional for multiplayer.

The project we got was named "Pole Position" (as a tribute to the original Namco game), so we added the "reborn".

Made by:

- Germán 'Gerlogu' López

- Samuel 'Thund3r' Ríos

Install instructions

Execute "Pole Position Reborn.exe".

Then one player has to be the host and the others will be the clients.

The host has to click on "host (server + client)" and continue until is at the starting grid.

The clients have to insert the ip of the host (port 7777 should be open or be using hamachi) and then click on "client".

While host is waiting on the starting grid, the clients have to select their car.

Once all players required are in, game will start.



PolePositionReborn.zip 20 MB

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